Thank you | Two more CuddleCots

Thank you!
With a grateful heart, for a sixth year in a row, our donors have gifted two CuddleCots.  One will be sent to Kosciusko Community Hospital in Warsaw, IN close to the You Made Me Mom Milford, IN chapter.  The second CuddleCot will be donated to a hospital which will be determined in the near future.  If you know of a hospital in need, please email me (

Thank you for loving our family so well and remembering Simon.

Through generous donors, our family has donated cots to the following hospitals:
-St. Luke's Hospital Kansas City (2015)
-Children's Mercy Hospital (2015)
-Truman Medical Hospital (2016)
-Research Medical Center (2017)
-St. Luke's Hospital North (2018)
-St. Luke's Hospital South (2018)
-Regional Medical Center in Anniston, Alabama (2019)
-St. Luke's Hospital Kansas City (2020)
-Kosciusko Community Hospital, Indiana (2020)
-TBD Hospital (2020)


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