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On Pride

When I work out at the YMCA on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, I typically listen to podcast sermons.  A few weeks ago, I was listening to a sermon on pride that was truly convicting.  Toward the end of the sermon, the preacher said something that made me feel as if a cold bucket of ice water had been dumped on my head.  He said, "If you have been listening to this sermon and have been thinking about someone else the whole time, and how that person needs to fix their issues with pride - guess what - you have a pride problem."  My mind was doing just that up until the moment he held a mirror in front of my face.  I was thinking, I should share this sermon with "him" or "her" so they can start to work on themselves.  I was envisioning people's faces when the pastor described what pride looked like, and I was thinking, "That poor person just doesn't get it.  They're so prideful they can't see past themselves!"  When in fac