COVID-19 Thought Journal | May 16, 2020

I'm actually semi-excited about flipping-on German Premier League (Bundesliga) soccer this morning.  There won't be any fans, which sucks quite a bit of the energy out of it.  I've watched Bundesliga before, and the fans are incredible.  This is a fairly pivotal moment for sports, as it is one of the first major (spectator) leagues to return.

I got my hair cut yesterday for the first time in probably 10 weeks.  It was freeing to do something that was never questioned and never feared previously.  I still don't fear or question going to the barber, and never will.  I do miss my mullet.
We're considering a change of scenery.  With no pools opening or camps (likely) this summer, we need something to look forward to.  We feel blessed to have our house, and it continues to serve us well.  It is a place of comfort, entertainment, work and safety during this time.  But it starts to feel like it is shrinking around you as you contemplate doing this same thing for the next several weeks.
According to the Google tracker, 14 people in our county, Jackson, have died from Coronavirus.  There are over 703,000 people in this county.  So that is 0.0019% of the county that has been killed by Coronavirus.
I fear this prolonged self-isolation gets demotivating at a certain point.  Without events, face-to-face meetings, vacations and other ways of engaging with others, you really have to dig deep for self-accountability.  The activities we are engaging in can slip toward time-wasting and even damaging pretty quickly.  We must still set goals and look forward to them.  We must set mini-milestones and celebrate those wins.
This is day 2 of fasting for Simon's week.  We're doing it a little differently this year, and Amy and I are doing 23 hour fasts every day and just eating dinner.  It is great to have a partner walking through it with me.  Fasting is so powerful, and I pray a clear mind and a soft heart where I can hear God's voice


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