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Dear Teddy, Love, Mommy

Teddy strolling through Worlds of Fun. Dear Teddy, You have lived through a lot already at such a young age.  And the beauty is that all of this living is just a part of your life.  It’s your normal.  Heaven is a real place to you in your two year old mind.  You often hear mommy talking about Simon and Thomas to other adults.  You have regularly said, “Simon and Thomas died and they are in Heaven with Jesus now.”  Who knows that that means to you, but I am thankful you utter those words and remind me of that truth.  After Simon died, I never had a moment of feeling like I couldn’t get out of bed.  I didn’t want to miss this life with you.  You are a constant visual reminder of God’s faithfulness.   You have allowed me to mourn in front of you – and my tears often encourage you to ask, “mommy, are you sad because of Simon?”  Recently, I responded and explained to you my tears were of joy because of Simon and Thomas and Jesus’ promise of redemption.  I said to you, “You know