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On stewardship

“Begin with the end in mind,” is a famous notion brought on by Stephen Covey in the “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.”

Let’s fast forward to your retirement party.Or if you want to get even more serious, your funeral.At the memorial, there will be time for an open mic where dear friends, co-workers and family members will be compelled to get up and to say a few words about how you lived your life.What do you want them to say?

When I imagine other people describing me at my funeral, here are a few words that are top of mind for me that I hope they say: ServantLeaderOpenly lived his faith in ChristPut Amy and his marriage firstLoved his children deeplyEncouraged others with his wordsEntrepreneurialGave money and time generouslyDiscipled other leadersNever stopped evolving and learning
I could go on about what I hope people will say about me.Trust me, this is not necessarily what I think people actually will say.This list is much more ambitious and idealistic than it is a factual des…

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