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What it's like for a dad five years after his infant son died.

Where am I now?
It has been five years since the seven-day and twenty-two-minute journey of Simon’s life outside the womb.What’s it like for a dad five years later?What’s it like for me?
Since Simon, I haven’t done the amazing work of starting a support group, like Amy has.But there have been dads, here and there, that I’ve talked to and shared stories with.I’ve sought to encourage them.I’ve told them it is OK to be angry, and it is normal to be scared.I’ve told them it is OK to question their faith as long as they truly seek answers.I remind them God’s work is never done.

My emotional IQ is remarkably better than it would have been, had I never met Simon.I can see pain behind people’s eyes, almost as easily as I could see blood from a wound.This makes me a better leader and coach.It gives me comfort in being vulnerable and being open, so I can connect with those who are hurting.I lean into the mess, as this only feels right, since Simon.
Since Simon, I have recurring flashbacks of h…

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