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Simon's Gift of Time 2023

    DONATE HERE Tonight we begin the ninth anniversary celebration of Simon’s life.  On May 14, 2014 at 9:55pm, we welcomed  Simon Adam Balentine into this world. Year after year, my mind travels effortlessly back to the moment Simon was born.  Simon had a diagnosis called Trisomy 13.  Because of his diagnosis, we weren’t sure if he would be alive at birth as we decided to forgo fetal  heart moni toring during labor.  We thought if he died before or during labor, it might be hard for me to continue to labor knowing his soul had been taken to heaven already.  He was alive at birth, eyes wide open, arms and legs squirming.   My OB placed Simon on my chest and all of the prayers from the previous five months had been graciously answered in that moment.  He breathed!  I shouted praises to God thanking Him for his mercy.  It wasn't long after his birth that we finally heard his voice once Adam held Simon for the first time.  It was heavenly (this  video  shares his sweet cries). Simon l