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Only real relationships bring about the change you desire

She was visibly upset.  Trembling.  She was sharing her heart, and being open and honest about the way the author's words made her feel unsafe.  These words cut to a deep place.  A place that I've never been.  Actually, a place that I can't even go because I don't have her eyes, her experiences, her skin.  Inside, I felt confused.  I even felt like downplaying her feelings, or cracking a joke to lighten the mood.  This would only dismiss her feelings.  This would cause more pain.  She said she didn't even really want to show up that night because the book we were reading grieved her so badly.   Another in our group spoke up and said he was feeling the same way.  I listened.  We listened.  I'll be honest - I didn't truly understand.  I don't have the context, the experiences, to read the book we were reading and have it draw up feelings of xenophobia or racism.  But I also would not argue someone's feelings. We were a small group.  A Bible