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Royals vs. Giants - who will I root for?

It’s Royals vs. Giants in the World Series!  I never would have thought this was possible.  In fact, I've told several people in the past who have caught me wearing my Giants hat in KC that, "It's OK.  I'll never really have to choose!"  This August, the Giants came to KC to take on the Royals and Amy and I actually wore Giants gear to the K, despite much debate with Amy over whether we should do so.  Doing this was more of a nostalgic move – paying homage to 6 years living in San Francisco, rooting for the Giants and attendance at multiple games at AT&T Park.  Even though I was in my black and orange during the game back in in August, I was rooting for the Royals.  It had to be a bit confusing for anyone paying attention that I would stand up and cheer for KC when they would get a hit.  “Does this guy understand how this game works?” One of the best games we ever attended at AT&T Park in SF was game 1 of the World Series in 2010 when the Giants

Do you want him to rest or rise?

I had this dream some time ago where I saw Jesus sleeping peacefully by himself in a boat floating near the shore in a still body of water (No, I don't remember what he looked like, but I'm pretty sure he had a beard!).  He was worn out, sorrowful, and in need of deep rest.  As he was laying in peace and solitude, I saw a crowd approaching over over the horizon.  The crowd looked desperate and destitute. They shouted for Jesus to come help them, to heal them and to teach them.  Jesus was startled from his rest and rose to answer the call to help the people.  But as this happened, I fell into a deep weep for him.  From somewhere in this dream I cried out, “Let him rest!  Please, he needs to rest!”  I longed for him to be able to get the rest that his body needed.  I begged the people to give him a break, and to, "Stop demanding so much from him!"  This may have been the end of the dream, or it may just be all my memory allows me to recall.  Every couple of months,