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Reflecting on 2015

2015 was a year of staggering change for me.  Exactly 12 months ago today (Jan. 1, 2015), we gave goodbye kisses to Teddy after dropping him off at his grandparents house in Saint Charles.  We were going to spend a week in San Francisco and Sonoma.  It was to be a great time of rest, conversation and healing after a heartbreaking and strenuous year in 2014.   Amy and I had much to talk about with regards to my career during our trip to the Bay Area.  I sketched out a pros and cons list on the airplane to help measure the opportunities that were in front of me.  I could stay at the company I had been with for nine years.  This was company I loved and was loyal to since I was a 23-year old, know-nothing peon.  This was a company that had some incredibly supportive and graceful people during our journey with Simon.  This was a BIG company, with plenty of opportunities to grow, but little opportunity for me to have a large impact on its future or help steer the direction it would go