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Dad, I will be your living donor

'Twas the night before the transplant #kidneybuddiesforlife Below are the words I read to my dad when I told him I was cleared to give him a kidney. I share this, vulnerably, praying that it may help someone find hope, joy or inspiration.  On the eve of surgery, I have some nerves, but I feel very loved. I'm so thankful for so many encouraging words and prayers from so many people.  I am ready. Let's go! -- Dad, It is my honor to give you the gift of new life.  Extended life.  And healthy life.  I have been cleared to give you a kidney.  Just like any gift, you have to choose to receive it.  Why am I doing this? Because I have a divine conviction that I was selected for this. Because I want you to have the opportunity to be here with us, and to not have the joy-robbing distraction of pain over the next several years Because I want you to pursue better health later in life and to be an example and an encouragement to others of what flourishing in your later years can look li

Living Donor

My dad, Joe, and me. House money. "Playing with house money" is a phrase used in reference to gambling or investing.  If an investor just saw huge and unexpected gains on an investment, he may feel like he can take more risk on his next deal.  He has already been given beyond what he wanted.  His future is taken care of, and he can now risk a little because he knows there will always be enough.  From this position of security, risk looks different.  When you are playing with house money you already know your ultimate destination, so taking a few scenic detours doesn't feel like a waste of time. -- "Bllekk! Why would you do that?" It was an honest reaction from someone I spoke to on the phone.  I've been sharing with various folks for the last week or so that they shouldn't expect to hear from me for a week+ because I'm taking a medical leave.  When I tell them my leave is to give a kidney to my dad - a living donor transplant - they give me a variet

On risk

Cutting my dad's hair during April 2020 quarantine. . Analyzing risk is something I do professionally.  Clients consult with me on the risks their businesses face, and I help them find solutions for those risks. In business or enterprise risk, your four main response options are to mitigate, avoid, transfer or accept the risk. A majority of the time, the solutions are wrapped in a combination of those responses.  For example, a commercial building owner has a risk that his building will become damaged or destroyed in a fire.  That owner will mitigate the risk by installing sprinkler systems and warning systems.  He will avoid the risk by only allowing tenants to rent from him who don't increase the probability of a fire (e.g. a restaurant or a manufacturer of combustible products).  He will transfer a majority of the financial risk of a fire via insurance.  He accepts that certain aspects of this risk can't be avoided, transferred or mitigated.  He understands that statisti