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Peter Simon Balentine

We’ve been on a writing hiatus…for a great reason.
On Thursday, September 24, 2015 at 1:35am, we welcomed our FOURTH (!) little boy to the world.  Please meet, Peter Simon Balentine.   His birth was a cathedral moment for Adam and me. Adam yelled out, “it’s a boy!” and I cried, “I wanted a boy so bad!"  How’s that for honesty?
"We get to keep him?" I kept thinking as he let out his first beautiful cries on my chest.  Death wasn’t at our doorstep.  Life was fresh and new.  
Mommy and Peter! 

We took seven weeks away from the blog to relish and even mourn during  the first week of Peter’s life, enjoy quiet time and quite honestly, rest.  We are tired.  When we had time to write, we chose sleep (or work in Adam’s case) and time to simply stare at Peter and play with Teddy.
We spent a day and a half in the hospital and decided to head home with our little boy.  The nurse helped us gather our things and got me a wheel chair to be escorted out.  I’m very familiar with th…