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Merry Christmas | 2020

Sharing our Christmas 2020 card with you.  May you find peace this Christmas and a fresh start to 2021.  Love in Christ, Amy and Adam  

What kidney donation is like

Day 7 Recovery Walk with Amy, Peter and Goldie I'm only a week post-surgery, so I'm still very much in recovery.  That said, I feel like I'm over the worst of the pain already. The procedure itself was short - only two hours.  I received a four-inch incision that goes vertically right next to my belly button.  I also have 3 smaller one-inch holes, for laparoscopy, on the left side of my belly.  For me, the worst things to deal with in recovery are the ancillary things.  Having a four-inch incision, plus three smaller holes (for laparoscopy) in my gut are the most obvious place of pain.  But the nagging ancillary issues that come from having a catheter, being intubated, dealing with drug side-effects (like constipation and nausea) and aches/pains from positioning on the surgical table are the things that frustrate the most.  It doesn't feel any different as of now to have one kidney instead of two.  I was really fatigued for the first several days, but that could be due