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Thank you non-Christians, for your grace.

I was recently with a group of mostly non-Christians friends, as I so often am.  By "non-Christian" I mean friends that haven't admitted to me, at least, in believing that Jesus Christ is the living son of God.  These friends may be privately following Christ and studying the Bible, but I suspect they are not.  Some are moralists. Some are Universalists with a mix of Spiritualism and yoga.  Some are just angry at a God they don't think exists.  I truly love them and I'm OK with their non-belief.  I pray for them often.  As I was spending time with these friends I became overwhelmed, in the moment, as I contemplated the love and acceptance that they display to me and my family. Thank you non-Christians, for your grace. Grace is the free and unmerited, undeserved love you give.  Grace is espoused from within.  Grace follows a choice to love, but grace is part of your fabric - woven into your DNA.  But where does grace come from?  If you were to tell me you we