COVID-19 Thought Journal | May 6, 2020

I'll attempt to write down some random thoughts, ideas, questions, things I've overheard and even attempt to be funny.  Hopefully I'll be able to do this daily.  I'll try to do stream-of-consciousness writing with little editing.
We gave Peter (age 4) a new clock for his room.  The first day didn't go perfectly well, as he came slinking down stairs at 6:49.  He isn't supposed to get up until 7:00.  We asked him why he came down before 7:00, and he said, "There was a 7!  74:6!"  He was reading it backwards, and he thought as long as there was a 7 somewhere in the sequence, he was good!

Last night, I asked him about his clock and if he liked it.  He said, "Yeah, I like looking at it.  But I wish I didn't have to look at it.  Because I have it I have to stay in bed until 7:00!"

He was expressing something that we all know so well - awareness of rules or laws now means you have to make a choice. Do you follow them or do you break them?

My new clock is cool, but I hate that it makes me stay in bed for 13 minutes longer than I want to!
One day, my view through my "office" window won't look like this.  That will be a sad day.

Opportunities will arise from this.  Visionaries are being inspired.  New life comes from decay. I hope to be a part of some large, positive shift.  I can't wait to see what will come.
For several weeks, I've longed for our next vacation.  This lack of freedom makes me long for our next one.  I'm thankful for the more recent ones.  The routine ones seem very sweet now.
I wonder if politicians would inject more logic and more urgency into their thinking and actions if they were either not getting paid, or felt at threat of getting fired.  The economy flounders at their whims, and those of us that still have paying jobs worry.  Do politicians have any fear of not getting their next paycheck?  No.
A bigger story is being told, but what is it?  Is it one of correction, where we globally were forced to eliminate all kinds of distractions from our lives?  No sports.  No activities.  No eating out at restaurants.  No events.  As the story unfolds, what do the next chapters looks like, and how much control will we have over our narrative?  Right now, it feels like we are simply waiting for the storyteller to turn the page as we wait wide-eyed, hoping a hero appears to save the day.


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