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Teddy the Little Lion

Teddy woke up at 6:00 AM this morning.  Rather than have him crawl into bed with us, or attempt to trick him that it was still the middle of the night by having him lay back down, I decided to take him downstairs and start the day early.  When I walked in his room, he let out a sweet, mild-voiced, "Hi, dada."  After changing a diaper and rounding up all the necessary stuffed animal "guys" (including Dumbo Djuney, Brownie and Baby Dog) we prepared to head downstairs.  Teddy launched a couple of his stuffed animals over the banister and said, "I throw him down!"  Then he said, "Daddy, I want piggy back."  In that moment I realized Teddy couldn't care less what time it is, or how groggy and annoyed I'm feeling.  He is excited to start the day and even more excited to spend time with me.  I squatted down and had him crawl on my back and wrap his arms around my neck.  Midway down the stairs he gave a little "naaaaayyy" in my ear - re