Update during week 35

We visited our OB, Dr. Carter, today and had what will be the final sonogram during Simon's pregnancy.  Everything is checking out "normal."  He is measuring about two weeks behind, which is no big deal.  The doctor estimates that he is close to five pounds.  His heart rate is right where it should be.  The end of this week will mark 36 weeks - which means Simon is full term.  He continues to kick and groove in Amy's belly.  There really aren't any indications that he will come early, but that's certainly not something we want to control.

We are so grateful for the continued prayers.  We remain joyful, but some days are tougher than others.  Thanks for listening to our laments and our thoughts as we hold tight to each beat of Simon's heart.  We're very excited to meet our boy, but also anxious...as we know the next phase of this journey will take us into some dark places.



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