Another day, another gift

Simon, our little piece of Heaven, given by God to grace Earth for a short period of time.  We are so glad you are here, Simon.  Thank you for teaching us about love, faith, the Kingdom and our great Savior.  You are loved, Simon Adam Balentine.

There are have been so many moments the last few days that we never thought we'd experience with Simon.  Here are some photos of our baby boy and those moments.  He is simply wonderful.

Not happy with us before a hungry, mommy!

Never, ever, ever did I think we'd go through a pack of diapers!  Thanks Andersons for buying us another pack of diapers!

Breakfast this morning.

Our wonderful hospice nurse Vicki

Great Grandma seeing Simon for the first time!

Big brother Teddy on his bike!

My best friends flew in for a quick visit from Chicago!  What a blessing.

Every note, every visit, every letter, every Facebook message, every text mean so much to us.  THANK YOU!


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