The Secret Places

There are secret places in life that only God should be aware of.  These secret places reside in our hearts, prayers, marriages, minds and also in the womb.  I have always felt like 3D ultrasound was a little too intrusive.  The womb is a secret place for God to mold and shape us. (Psalm 139:16).  Knowing that our time with Simon is precious, I knew I would want to take a look inside this secret place – mainly to see him living and moving about, but also to see his anomalies a little bit better too.  Alexandra’s House connected us with a great sonographer, Jeanette, who owns a private practice offering 3D imaging.  Jeanette graciously gifts her time for free to families like ours.  

I was met with mixed emotions before, during and after our ultrasound.  I so badly wanted Jeanette to look and say there must have been a mistake of some kind.  But she was unable to say this.  The appointment was thorough, and it answered some of our questions about Simon. We were able to see our boy’s sweet face.  It was beautiful.  Like most babies, he seems to like sucking on his fists and feet a lot.  We were able to see his hands open and close – this was amazing.  Simon has been given 4 extra digits.  He is remarkable – 12 fingers and 12 toes.  We saw those too and I am pretty sure his hands and feet are my favorite part of his body.  We are called to be Christ’s hands and feet.  Simon may never use his hands and feet but God is using them to tell others of His love. 

We confirmed that Simon’s kidneys are about three times the size they should be.  His heart may have a malformation that wasn’t previously detected.  However, the holoprosencephaly (lack of the brain’s two hemispheres dividing) might not be as pronounced as it was around 19 weeks.  Once we got past the more business side of looking at Simon, it was a joy to sit back and watch him wiggle around, kicking and squirming, and knowing he was so secure and safe.  Oh he has hair too!!  I so badly wanted him to have hair.  Obviously it really doesn’t matter, but I hope it’s red like Teddy’s was at birth so he can also share that with Adam!  He weighs about two and a half pounds which only makes him a few weeks behind where he should be.  He is so cute. So cute that I want to share a few images from this secret place.  I have also included a few photos from our family photo session at the end of February.  Each day is a blessing from God - true answered prayers.

Photo Credit:  Elisabeth Blair Photography


  1. Thank you for sharing the video. You are preserving the life and memory of this baby is such a great way.


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