One Month in Heaven

In about twenty-two minutes, we will celebrate Simon’s one-month-in-Heaven “birthday.”  In some ways, it feels like he was just in our arms – in other ways, it hurts to think of the length of time that has passed since I heard his little cries in our house and felt my sweet little boy.  Tears fill my eyes as I write that.  I really miss Simon (that sentence doesn’t do my missing justice).  I miss his soft skin today.  His perfectly new feet were so soft.  Even though his feet never touched the ground, he has certainly left a mark, hasn’t he?

A few weeks ago, my dear friend and sorority sister, Emily Schnurman, shared with me how Simon and our family has touched her life.  Emily vulnerably shared with us how our family’s challenges, strength and unconditional love inspired her to dedicate her first triathlon to Simon. Em found out about Simon’s health around the same time she committed to the race.  We are incredibly honored that she would not only dedicate the race to our boy, but also raise money for an organization of our choice.  The fundraising is not a requirement to compete.  This is just something Emily wanted to do.  

I had planned to write today about Simon’s one-month-in-Heaven, and about Emily’s race coming in up in seven days.  It seemed appropriate to write now since Simon lived seven days and twenty-two minutes.  However God had different plans for Emily and her fiancĂ© Phil.  Last Monday evening while driving home in Chicago, they were hit head-on by a drunk driver.  Emily and Phil both walked away – thank you, God.  However, Emily has fractured ribs.  I can assume they are both pretty bumped and bruised both physically and emotionally.  Although Emily would love to push herself to compete in the race, it is obviously not the best thing for her body.  Even though she won’t compete in seven days, Em is continuing to raise funds for an organization near and dear to our hearts, Alexandra’s House.  AH provides services internationally for families like ours.  It is not a coincidence, however, that Alexandra’s House is only two miles from our house.  The organization is community based, all volunteer, peer-led perinatal hospice and infant care system focused on terminally ill unborn-newborn babies and infants dying from any cause; upholding families, bringing meaning to suffering, being merciful to anyone in need and helping to build a culture of love.  Patti, foundress of AH, and Diane, volunteer, continuously checked on Adam, Teddy, Simon and me.  They listened, advised, prayed, cried, cheered and loved.  We are forever grateful for all of their support.  The special little carseat that Simon rode home from the hospital in was on loan to us from AH.  I pray many, many, many, more babies use this carseat and bring the same smile to their mommy’s face when they leave the hospital WITH their baby. 

Should you feel inclined to contribute in the final “push” on fundraising to Alexandra’s House in memory of Simon, please click here.  My heart is so full from the donations already received – thank you.

Thank you, God, for Emily.  Thank you for sparing Phil and Emily.  Thank you for their commitment to one another – I pray for you to be a part of their marriage.  Please continue to heal Emily’s body.  Open any doors for her to compete in another triathlon.  Thank you for her willingness to use her strengths to raise funds for Alexandra’s House.  Thank you for Alexandra’s House and for each family that they care for. Thank you for the beautiful babies who’s lives will be touched by the funds raised. ~Amen

P.S.  Adam and I just decided to turn on the David Nevue Pandora station, the one we were listening to when Simon passed.  The first song that came on was one that we both had never heard.  It’s by David Nevue called A Tiny Heartbeat. {smile}

Alexandra's House carseat/carbed borrowed for our sweet Simon's trip to his home!


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