Quick update during week 27

Amy is growing into the same beautifully pregnant mama she was with Teddy.  Sliding in-and-out of the barstools at our kitchen island is getting a little more difficult for her, as is sleeping comfortably.  Simon is still moving a lot, and luckily, I occasionally feel him when he is bobbing around.  Giving hugs and kisses to Simon continues to be a part of Teddy’s bedtime routine.  Every night we read books (typically about trucks), say our prayers, and then hug and kiss Simon goodnight.

Amy and I both spent a lot of time talking about Simon to other people this week.  People are giving us amazing feedback about how Simon’s story is impacting their lives.  The overarching theme is that people are being challenged to either understand Christ better, or strengthen their relationship with Christ.  We feel so blessed to initiate and facilitate these types of discussions. We also appreciate people reading our blog.  The reasons we write all stem from our love of God, Simon, each other and you.  We pray that everyone continues to seek the reality of the grace of Christ, and accept his love right where your are.

“Certainly we should be very active in seeking God, and Jesus himself called us to 'ask, seek, knock' in order to find him. Yet those who enter a relationship with God inevitably look back and recognize that God's grace had sought them out, breaking them open to new realities.” 

Perhaps a request that we would ask of our prayer warriors would be to pray that God gives us rest.  There is a constant fear of what is to come, and focusing on that can really throw us out of balance.  We lay our fears at the foot of the cross.  Thanks to all for the words of encouragement and the continued prayers.



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