Meet the Balentines

The Balentines - Adam, Amy, Teddy and Simon - 2014
Welcome!  We are thankful you are joining us on our journey.  We are the Balentines - Adam, Amy, Teddy, Simon, Thomas Peter and Goldie. We are followers of Christ who live in the Brookside neighborhood of Kansas City.  This blog is a written testimony of our lives - an honest look at the good and the bad, the victories and the struggles, and the humor and the sadness that color our days.

Adam and Amy met in 2001 during their first day of college at the University of Kansas.  After a long friendship (7 years) we began dating and tied the knot in October 2009.  

In October 2012, Amy gave birth to our first child, Theodore (Teddy) Boyd.  He is wonderful (most of the time)!

In May 2014, Amy gave birth to our second child, Simon Adam, who lived 7 glorious days and 22 grace-filled minutes.  He died on May 21, 2014.  Simon had full Trisomy 13 - typically a fatal diagnosis.  

In November 2014, Amy gave birth to our third child, Thomas Job.  Thomas went to be with our Lord at 13 weeks gestation.  Amy gave birth to Thomas in the hospital, and we were able to set eyes on his magnificently perfect body.  

In September 2015, Amy gave birth to our fourth child, another boy (!), Peter Simon. Peter is a sweet balm to our broken hearts.

In August 2017, Amy gave birth to our fifth child, our first baby girl, Marigold (Goldie) Joy.  Goldie adds a sweetness to our family we didn't know we were missing.

In May 2020, Amy miscarried our sixth child, after trying for a year to conceive.  

Adam is director of an insurance brokerage firm and also serves as Board Chairman of Center City Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  Amy is Chief of our Home Operations and also founder of You Made Me Mom, a pregnancy and infant loss support group.  We are members at Christ Community Church (Brookside Campus).

The Balentines - Adam, Amy, Teddy and Peter - 2015


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