The Story of Simon

Happy 10th birthday dear Simon!

In January 2014 while pregnant with our second baby boy, Simon, doctors told us he had a diagnosis called trisomy 13 - a diagnosis the world of medicine calls "incompatible with life." We lived our days waiting to see if Simon would be born breathing and on May 14, 2014 at 9:55pm - he was! Simon breathed and cried, and God was ever-present. Simon lived one full week. Having the answers to our questions about his life was a pure gift. It was hard to wait in the unknown, but yet we danced and even laughed. It was hard to labor not knowing if his heart was still beating. It was hard and yet deeply fulfilling to hold him even knowing his heart would stop beating soon. But it was all - every second - dripping with Joy and Great Hope. May we all face trials knowing beauty abounds. This film feels vulnerable for many obvious reasons but we hope most of all to encourage others facing a similar diagnosis to reach out to us. If you are facing a new diagnosis with your baby during pregnancy, Adam and I would love to listen to your story.


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