Thank you, donors | Simon's Gift of Time 2021


With grateful hearts, for a seventh year in a row, our donors have generously given to #simonsgiftoftime fully funding our needs for the You Made Me Mom support group raising well over our goal hitting $8,000!

The $7,000 goal felt lofty and I was nervous we wouldn't hit it.  God always provides, always.  

Your donations show such love and care for our family, Simon's memory and the You Made Me Mom ministry I lead.  

Solomon said in Ecclesiastes 7:2:

It is better to go to the house of mourning than to go to the house of feasting, for this is the end of all mankind, and the living will lay it to heart.  Sorrow is better than laughter for by sadness of face the heart is made glad.  

I am a lover of a great party - wedding and event planning was my profession for a decade.  But what has truly taught me the beautiful and good parts of life is entering into a house of mourning (how backwards is this?!).  That's exactly what You Made Me Mom is.  Our leaders open our doors monthly and step into the deep pit of grief and sit there with bereaved mothers, often strangers.  We can't say anything to fix the loss of their baby and we certainly won't explain it away either.  We do know we serve in an upsidedown Kingdom where lament turns into trust and song.  It's an honor to get a front row seat and watch the Lord turn mourning into something bigger and greater.  What moms think is going to kill them, the death of their baby, often times turns into what gives them life and new purpose to live their life well.  INCREDIBLE!

In March 2022, You Made Me Mom will be hosting our first leadership retreat.  Our leaders serve our communities in the wake of grief.  While it is our pleasure to serve the bereaved mom, the burden is heavy.  The purpose of the retreat will be twofold: (1) to educate and to stay aligned in our mission with our chapter leaders, and (2) to energize/love on our leaders so that they are sent back into our communities with new tools and a firm foundation in Christ.  How amazing it will be to meet many of these ladies for the first time and hug them.

Thank you for supporting and believing in this mission of serving the bereaved mother with us.

Glory to God,



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