Dad, I will be your living donor

'Twas the night before the transplant #kidneybuddiesforlife

Below are the words I read to my dad when I told him I was cleared to give him a kidney. I share this, vulnerably, praying that it may help someone find hope, joy or inspiration. 

On the eve of surgery, I have some nerves, but I feel very loved. I'm so thankful for so many encouraging words and prayers from so many people.  I am ready. Let's go!



It is my honor to give you the gift of new life.  Extended life.  And healthy life.  I have been cleared to give you a kidney.  Just like any gift, you have to choose to receive it. 

Why am I doing this?
  • Because I have a divine conviction that I was selected for this.
  • Because I want you to have the opportunity to be here with us, and to not have the joy-robbing distraction of pain over the next several years
  • Because I want you to pursue better health later in life and to be an example and an encouragement to others of what flourishing in your later years can look like
  • I'm doing it for mom
  • I'm doing it for Matthew and Morgan
  • I'm doing it for your grandchildren - for Skyla, Teddy, Peter and Goldie
  • I'm doing it for Amy, because she inspires me to be the kind of man who would donate life.  Because she is the kind of wife who would support an action like this.  Because she knows this seems about right - that God would call us to be a part of another story like this!
  • I'm doing it because the world needs light and hope, and examples of grace.  For anyone who will pay attention, this will bring hope that transcends the brokenness of the world we live in
  • I'm doing it for so many people I know who would have given anything for more time with their dad, or another loved one
  • I'm doing it because I believe leading is serving, and my life's calling is to serve others first
  • I'm doing it because you deserve it.  You have been an excellent father to me, and have modeled behavior that instilled the principles and beliefs that would get me to this point - to make a decision like this.  In a world where we see a decline (even an attack on) in dignified masculinity and engaged fatherhood, you have been steadfast.  Your core values of loving God, serving others, hard work, discipline, benevolence, entreprenuership and family should be celebrated.  This a chance for me to celebrate that, and to shine a light on what a good dad you have been. And to message to the world that these values deserve new life.
  • Finally, I'm doing it because I never liked my left kidney anyway.

Ultimately, dad, I believe that we should view this as an act of worship.  Jesus is a God of grace and unmerited favor.  I don't feel worthy to be elected to give you this gift, but I was hand-picked.  You may not feel worthy to receive this gift, but I know you see the fact that receiving it will make us both participants in a story that is so much bigger than us.  And by doing this we get to be unified, for life and the life that is to come after this life. Unified in worship of our God of grace.  We will show the world again the beauty of a son's sacrifice for his father is a divine beauty beyond this world.  We get to embrace it together and share it with the world.  What a blessing.

I love you, Dad.

Early Thanksgiving

Last minute text responses - thank you for your prayers

Prayers the night before transplant


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