Simon's Home

Today, we lock up the house where Simon lived for the last time.  I knew this day would come and it would be really tough.  We bought this home the day Teddy was born - literally signed the paper work in the hospital.  We lived so much life in this home.  And God taught us so much.  The true meaning of life and how to live a life well  and whole was defined here.  Our lives and hearts transformed inside these walls.  Simon lived all of his days here and this is probably the hardest reason to turn the key for the last time.  The Holy Spirit gently whispers to me and reminds me that Simon reigns in Glory not inside this home - but I have to say I feel Simon each time the sun washes through the windows of our living room.  The Lord reminds me the arms that held Simon in life and death go with me - both mine and Adam's.  The list of big events in this home come easily to mind.  We brought three new lives home to this house - Simon, Peter and Goldie.  We received the ashes of Simon and Thomas in the entryway of this home.  And felt the Holy Spirit in the living room as Simon took his last breath.  We walked through these doors after Adam's brain surgery and spent an entire month as a family helping him mend - which wasn't fun for Adam but the boys and I have great memories of having daddy home for an entire month.  All of the boys' birthdays have been celebrated here.  Life was fully lived and loved inside these walls.  I will be forever thankful for 448 W. 61st Terrace.

Lord, Thank you for the years and life we shared in this home.  Thank you for Adam who works so hard to provide for our family - he selflessly gives us homes that support our families needs but also serve those who enter our home.  Thank you for binding our marriage inside the walls of this old home.  May our new home bless and honor you, Lord.   Bring people to our home who need rest.  Let our new home be a place for peace, vulnerability,  laughter, love and puddles of grace.  May it be a home of respite for many and may I see Simon's sunshine through our new windows. ~Amen.


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