The Sweet Aroma of Suffering

It’s in the air, a smell I know so well - 
The sweet aroma of suffering.
Water gives life and it kills.
Fire gives warmth and it burns.
We become mothers and fathers;
And this means we can reach the stars.
But it also means we can go low - 
Lower than the darkest depths of the ocean.
It’s a familiar but not comfortable place.
It is memorable but not desirable.
The smell reminds me of my pain.
Only one person waits for me there -
With scars on his hands and feet,
And my name tattooed on his heart.

The sweet aroma of suffering.

Floods.  Cancer.  Lawsuits.  Lost business.  Pain.  Scams.  Politics.  My longing for Eden - an un-corrupted world - grows as I experience the world around me.  I need to stay in a place of empathy or I fear I might become cynical.  The cynic in me says, "Worry about yourself."  The voice of Jesus says, "Be my hands and feet."  Eden will return.  It will be restored.  That's the promise, and the only thing that brings me hope as the things of this world erode.


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