Update: The Gift of Time Fundraiser

We are overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support offered by so many during our "Gift of Time" fundraiser in memory of Simon Adam Balentine and Thomas Job Balentine in the last 24 hours!  So many family and others who will join the loss community will be blessed by your gifts.

One year ago, we were thrilled to be able to leave the hospital with Simon in just 15 hours after his birth.  Amazingly, we hit our $2,800 goal for our first CuddleCot in exactly 15 hours!

Because of the flood of support we received in the first 24 hours, we will be raising our goal to $6,000 (a $3,200 increase).  The fundraiser will still close on May 21st at 10:17 PM, the date/time Simon passed.

Can we fundraise for two CuddleCots?  We're up for the challenge if you are.  In the spirit of transparency, here is how the funds will break down:

  • $2,800 (COMPLETED!) - CuddleCot #1 donation to St. Luke's Kansas City Hospital
  • $2,800 - CuddleCot #2 donation to location TBD
  • $400 - donation to You Made Me Mom, Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support Group
  • TOTAL GOAL: $6,000
Please continue to spread the word!  We thank you for your prayer, generosity and love.  Together, we are giving precious time to families who will experience unspeakable heartache.

With sincere love,
The Balentines ~Adam, Amy, Teddy, Simon and Thomas 

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